Skull Drug

by Skull Drug

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Produced by Skull Drug. Mixed by Greg Naylor and Wyatt Clark. Recorded at Naylor Studios in Mesa, Arizona.


released July 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Skull Drug Phoenix, Arizona

Skull Drug was formed in 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. Their style has been described as, "...An updated version of great late 80's hardcore and thrash".

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Track Name: Liver Die
Once I tasted forbade waters without learning to swim I dove
To the bottom of a bottle, where I built myself a home
Where I stayed for 8 drunk years
Having no remorse or sense of fear
I threw out my inhibitions
To welcome my new disposition

A new found love in liquid form
That I kept close to keep me warm
And as my waning life passed by
I grew desensitized

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks staggered on for years
Slowly everybody noticed my condition was so clear
Everyday I woke, my body shook
Always had a sickly look
Puking blood was over-par
I ended up in the E.R.

The doctor had a look of shock
Said "I'm surprised you can even walk.
You're blood is one-third purely alcohol.
You've gotta stop drinking if you wanna see next week at all."

Inside the comfort I felt safe
From any baneful, outside harm
Now it's live or die, I can't deny
To say goodbye
I'll miss you, but for now
It's au revoir

Liver die!
Live or die?
Track Name: Tomorrow's Gone
Did you read the news today?
The constitution has been betrayed
And if you choose to take their side
They'll fill you full of foolish pride

Freedoms are becoming fables
Justice is unjust and unstable
Lacerated liberty's a tumor
Democracy is dying like our future

Tomorrow's gone!
Track Name: Sleeping In
Last night I went out drinikin'
Don't know quite what I was thinkin'
Got an awful feeling in my head
Wake up alarm clock's ringin'
Outside I can hear birds singin'
Oh well, fuck that shit, I'm staying in bed!

I'm sleeping in!
I'm sleeping in!
Leave me alone, get off the phone!
I'm sleeping in!

Boss calls and says he's pissed
Because of all the days I've missed
Well, he just doesn't understand, I swear
I bust my ass so many days
You think I'd get some kind of raise
Well, he can fire me for all I care!
Track Name: Malicious Kind
Baby, you're malicious, you're delicious
Malevolently surreptitious
Open up my chest wide
Confiscate my insides
Take the coal you call my heart
And try to start a fire

The game is insane
Who is to blame?
It's not you or me
It's the way things must be

Baby, I'm malicious, I am vicious
Self-destructively ambitious
You ate up the invite
To sleep in lunacy's hive
The bees took all the honey
And your hope took all the dive
Track Name: The Stunots
The would nots
The have nots
The stunots

The would nots, if given a chance
The have nots, anything at hand
The stunots take it all for granted
System's broken, can't be mended
Track Name: The Inconvenient Store
As I am walking
I feel you stalking
Me with sign in hand
Storyboard man

Just want some puffs
Don't wanna get tough
As I walk into the...
The inconvenient store

Just want to walk
Follow me for blocks
As I run from your scam
I'm more broke than you, man!
Track Name: Piece of Shit
Behind your mask of strength and pride
Is the fucked up mask you try to hide
And underneath your suit of shame
Is a man up to his neck in shame
Your words are spoken with confidence
But your thoughts are full of ignorance
And in the mirror the man you see
Has two faces that disgust me

Piece of shit!

Living the role model life
But in my back you'd put the knife
Always offering your help
If it will benefit yourself
Can you look me in the eyes
Superfluous man of lies
Walking around playing games
Making mankind feel insane
Track Name: Our Apologies
Our apologies sir
We're misunderstood
That foot to your balls
Was meant to hurt
The hit to your chin
Meant to put you unconscious
The knife in our backs
Felt by thousands
Track Name: Crash
I don't feel at home
But I feel all alone
Even when you're right next to me
Please don't feel bad
When I'm feeling sad
It's the way that I've chosen to be

My situation is my own creation
(From) the road that I've traveled so far
I know it's my own, it's my unholy throne
No matter if it's too bizarre
I'll keep walking and crash like a falling star

Left with the memories
Of better days seen
And the best friends that I could ask for
Time has moved on
They are all gone
It's the same silence I knew before
Track Name: Until the End
I don't have the time for your concern
There isn't a lesson I need to learn
Know that you're talking behind my back
I don't give a shit, I've got no time for that

Riding the chaos, watch me spin
Hearing the same bullshit again
Stabbed in the back by my best friend
Just let me live my life until the end

You're getting angry when I don't care
I give a smirk, you give a stare
Bitching won't stop and it all sounds the same
Shut the fuck up, this is getting lame
Track Name: Dang-Oh
I used to have a woman by my side
Thought she'd be there 'til I died

What I thought and what I found
Two different things gone by and by

Where's my beautiful woman now?
Thought she'd be there 'til I died

Before I could even swallow my pride
She left me for a different guy
Track Name: Feel Free
Can you hear the chaos spewed into this ink?
Written in this paper, see the cyclone that is me
A wired mess of paranoia, yelling in a mic
Running down the streets grinning all hours of the night

Looking out your window, like there's something there to see
Grab a bottle and come out and come get drunk with me
Living in the city, get your hands on what you can
These streets can give you the best time that you have ever had

Find a lot of problems, you can find a lot of pills
You can find a lot of sex and you can get some good, cheap thrills
Let go of your worries and let go of your needs
'Cause we're here to have a good time, that's the only thing we need
Track Name: Come On, Let's Go
Sometimes you feel it lurking near
Such a vibrant, lucid, striking fear
You question the value of your sanity
But the paranoia has such vanity
Hold it together, take a deep breath
The only certain you know of is death
You feel so alone, see no one that's near
And anyone that shouts you can't seem to hear

Take a breath, compose yourself
Pull it together
Your stabilization it out of order
You're under the weather
You're stronger than this
You're ready to go
Now let's start the show
Come on, let's go!

Come on, let's go!

Bullets fly, bounce and miss
Without a thought, nothing but shit
Targets and bodies, politicians lobby
This is my mission, not a hobby
Command said "Forward, kill them all!"
I cut off their heads just to watch them fall
Rendezvous and landings, only if you're standing
Step aside it's genocide the senate is commanding

Dumped and dropped, don't exist
Move forward, eliminate those who resist
Forward ahead, never a doubt
Live or die, all questions out

Come on, let's go!